You can call me crazy, you can even call me stupid and insane,
But trust me when I say to you, that I want to live my life this way.
Of course I know the risks, And of course I’ve felt the pain,
But it’s just part of Racing, Just another part of the “game”.
Go right ahead and roll your eyes, Shake your head in complete disgust,
I don’t let it get to me, I live for the adrenaline rush.
I live my life looking forward to race day,
For the moment the light goes green,
Sliding,passing,tucking, and drafting, every single thing.
I live for traveling, the dust, and the fumes,
Turning left and going fast,
Grabbing a handful of throttle,
Making that last corner pass.
I live for the wins, the losses, and the learning,
The joking trash talk in the pits,
There ain’t nothin’ better,
No better life than this.
I live my life for all that its worth,
I live each day like it’s my last,
And trust me when I say I know,
That I could lose this life with just one crash.
But if you think that stops me,
or even holds me back,
Then you are the crazy, stupid and insane one,
Because that just is not the fact.
If it’s a crash that takes me away some day,
Nobody should worry about me at all,
Because that’s the way I would choose to die,
I would take it as a special call.
Because how many can truly say,
That they died doing what they love?
At the least I will die happy,
And I can still go on and race above.
So please don’t sit here lecturing me,
Telling me that I should be through,
Because Racing is what makes my life,
It’s the thing I love to do.
So if GOD calls my name,
Someday when I’m out there on the track,
I will take the job with Honor,
And spend my life in heaven going fast.
So PLEASE just walk away,
This is a battle you will NOT win,
FOREVER I will be a RACER,
From now until my end.